You don’t mind if I take my time? I’m really overwhelmed with the moment. I came from Marcy projects which is about 15 minutes that way. And I grew up a little bit. And I got me a spot on State street which is outside this window right here. Then I built me a club right over here, and it’s the 40/40 club. So I’m overwhelmed at this whole sh-t. I can’t believe this day has come. I’m going to tell you some real sh-t. I think every single person is born with genius level talent. You just have to find out what it is that you are a genius at. I don’t believe that God would take one person and say, ‘You! You’re special’. I believe every single person is special. I believe every single person has genius level talent.

Once you find out what it is [that you are talented at], that’s not the end of it. Once you find out your genius level talent, you apply yourself in such a way that you do amazing sh-t. I’m a living testament of that. I am no muthaf-cking different than anybody in here tonight and I’m standing on this stage as living proof that if you apply yourself to what it is that you are genius at, you can do anything in the world.
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